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About us

A unique camp a stone's throw from the Great Belt's coast

Storebælt Camping og Feriecenter

No matter where in the square you are, you have the best views you could imagine. Light on the Great Belt Bridge in the evening and the sunset over the ocean, is an amazing sight. Life all the way to the coast provides endless opportunities to practice all forms of water activity and sport.

Diving the open sea with an instructor, is also one of the most popular activities. "Bien"- a beautiful old wooden ship that docks at the jetty and takes visitors on a fishing trip. So if you have not visited our lovely campsite, it is certainly worth a visit. Here is some for everyone.

We are always fresh on some new developments!

Team Storebælt Camping & Feriecenter
Lene og Flemming


GREAT BELT CAMPING AND HOLIDAY CENTRE is one of the newest camping in Denmark.

Storebælt Camping og Feriecenter

The site opened on 5th April 2003 and we Lene White and Flemming Jensen has even built site.

We had 2 companies - a haulage contractor and construction company, as the Great Belt A / S established a "new piece of Denmark" in ancient sway basin in Halsskov Harbour, where car ferries sailed across the Great Belt.

They gave it to Korsor Municipality, which received authorization to establish a camp on the site.

The area is 5,500,000 m2 = 5.5 ha. and across the pond there was a water depth of 10-12 m. To fill the area up there is approx. 6,600,000 m3 of sand, clay and topsoil and we ran with 25 trucks in 9 mths

The sand that was used comes from the landfill, as the Great Belt A / S had made between ydermolden at the campsite and revspidsen where there was a very big factory that produced the tunnel segments. Clayey soil derived from a hillside in Forlev (located between Slagelse and Korsor) where Kavos is a dump.